Tuesday, September 14, 2010


via phone
botch: so.. when's the next time you're coming here?!
scarborough: i'm trying to come for tomorrow.
botch: well that fucking sucks. you were supposed to be here yesterday..!
scarborough: i know.. i'm really not even sure about tomorrow. it's going to be a long time.. but i got you a surprise!
botch: what is it?
scarborough: not telling.
botch: ... what are you doing?!
scarborough: uhh.. i'm.. uh.. missing you!
botch: wtf are you talking about?! why are you being so weird and lovey dovey?! are you lying? are you on your way here?!
scarborough: you suck at surprises. i'll be there in twenty minutes.
botch: cool. when you get here can you hold my leg?
scarborough: oh. i'll be all over that!



Anonymous said...

I have time to comment, so I'm commenting.
OMFG I love you guys.

AHHHH so jealous of the surprises!

- Bonibelle :)

syntifik said...

the surprise was shuter island, don't have it/haven't seen it, despite being the biggest leonardo fan EVAH! he also brought a pack of smokes, but i think that was more for him so he didnt have to go out and buy some for me lol.

syntifik said...

*shutter. i'm smarter than fat girls.