Saturday, May 15, 2010


i'm more of an sb person rather than a jordan person. i love dunks (when i first typed that out, i wrote, i love drunks lol).. these particular sb's have sort of an m.i.a. swag to them, so they caught my attention. it'd be way easier for me to be a jordan person, just because nike tends to release sb's in very limited sizes.. and the smallest these bad boys come in is a 7.5 means aka 1.5 too big for botch.

they're inspired by bill cosby's sweaters from the cosby show.. which is pretty fucking ridiculous.. this winter there were a shit load of "ugly sweater" parties.. how fitting would these be?! i tend to really like tacky shit, and this is no different.
so they're not retro, but surely the sweaters are retro.. and that is wool on the sneakers so i'd like em' for winter trekking. they're pretty fucking loud and out there, which strays away from how sb's have been in the past few years.. it isn't the craziest sb being put out, but bill cosby's show has to be one of the greatest shows to ever grace my living room television.. and for that, shit, they get the thumbs up.