Saturday, October 18, 2008


i have the most kick ass headache right now. really it's some shit. ouch ouch ouch.
wtf happened last night ?! i know it was craziness cuz the text messages in my inbox are so fucking hilarious.. "LOSER!! FUCK YOU HORSE HEAD!!" like wtf is that?! ahahhaa.. what the hell is a horse head?! for reals.. & in my outbox, there's "ye yeh juzz lemme finishn being fuck,iknh g driunk! then ill call you like shit!"

let's recap..

LAST NIGHT: so i called up bianca last night saying, "what are you doing!?" bianca says "nothing." andddd after saying, "i wanna have like a few beers, wanna go to like boston pizza or some shit !?" she goes alright. WELL. let me tell you how shit did not go down at all.
we said fuck the boston pizza idea, let's go to a lounge. bar italia will probably be pretty chill, so let's go there. we get there, and it is rowdy! so whatever, have a beer.. and then for some reason, beer turned into blue lagoons. one too many blue lagoons. & we both got hosed.. & i called richard, im like "COME TO BAR ITALIA IT IS CRAZY!" and richard's like "uh.. what are you doing after?!" i dunnno richard but im hungry!! and so richard shows up at bar italia with mcdonalds!! then i puke my guts out on the street.. and headed on our way to denny's. then i eat the craziest meal ever. the lumberjack slam. if you dont know what this is.. it's 2 slices of toast, two pancakes, bacon, sausage, ham steak, two eggs and hashbrowns. i have no idea how the fuck i conquered that.. maybe its cause i had room from puking my guts out.. then i get home and puke again outside my house, and a few more times once i get inside. it was insane how trashed i got, after only wanting to do nothing but have a beer and some wings. HOWEVER, it turned out being a dope ass night.. ride or die bianca, ride or die lol



Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of blogspot :/. Tried it, buuut didn't happen. Maybe another time lol.

Bonibelle :)