Wednesday, July 14, 2010



yo fuck you man, i don't talk shit, i just flip it un-ya. sorry if the truth hurts. you should try being less of an idiot. then i wouldn't say so much shit about you. at least i told you, and not the world. you should be happy that i'm the only person who has the guts to tell you, you're a fuck up. aww damn botch, you had to go and do thatttt.. yup!

seriously.. i was at the roots concert, and i get it. it's jazz festival. so there's obviously people who are there that have never heard of the roots before, and just want to see what their musical stylings are about.. but tell me how the 7 people, YES SEVEEEENNN PEOPLE, beside me left the fucking show - ten minutes in./ REALLY?! you paid $70 and you're just gonna dip? i pay $10 for a shitty movie and i watch the whole thing.. CAUSE YOU JUST GOTTA GIVE SHIT A CHANCE MAN.. shitty beginnings don't always have a shitty ending.. and even if they do, it's worth seeing.. isn't it?
it's even worse when people leave shit because the people they came with are leaving. have some fucking balls man. i once went to a concert, and the person i went with dipped ten minutes in. i was like "fuck, dah well". they missed out. they missed out.

today tina and i were just bustin out our bras like no thang. hello boobs in everyone's face. free pizza? HAHAHA. god. someone get us some cot damn duck tape. please. not to mention our compadre not wearing underwear. seriously dudes.. can we be any more in your face?! lol. it's the fucking beer man. we drink too much of it! it makes us bust out in public places :(

so today whilst having a cigarette.. i witness a car jacking.. picture this..
the beige van with a couple inside, next to me, pulls up beside a blue car. the couple shouts at the blue car to pull over. blue car pulls over. girl from beige van attacks the man in the blue car.. and gets in, and drives off! WHAAATTT!!!!!?! so my cousin was like "uhhh CALL THE COPS!" so i whip out my cell phone.. and as i do.. i see a cruiser at the opposite light.. so i'm like, YO COPPAHS I NEED YOU!! flailing my arms in the air.. they pull over on the fucking curb (hotties, might i add), and say "what's the problem miss?" and i'm like "i need help with my jeans, they're too tight".. just kidding about that part, but damn i was thinking about it.. officer uniforms are too boss.. OKAY WE'RE GOIN OFF TOPIC HERE.. well anyways, as i'm talking to the police unit, i see the car drive off, and i'm like "THERE!! THE BLUE CAR!!" and as i'm saying this, the blue car dude comes around the corner, and he leaves with the coppahs to tell them the story.
ANYWAY.. i just wanted to stress how lame car-jackings are... NEVER A DULL MOMENT IN THE HOOD MY FRIENDS, never. a. dull. moment. you know what else is wack?! HOW THE DUDE PULLED OVER?! seriously, you're in a car dude. you got locks and shit. fucking drive. drive to a police station and say, "yo why you yellin at me!?" you got your back up right there man!

i think i'm just fed up with the hood in general. like fuck dudes. seriously. step your fucking game up and leave people the fuck alone. when you're destroying your community for no beneficial gain.. dude.

don't be mad, UPS is hirin.

not too many complaints today.. when you witness grand theft auto live and laugh all day with your family (i still hate people though! uggghhh people!).. it's not too much of a wack wednesday! an interesting wednesday though, to the fullest. AND TWO MORE DAYS TIL SCARBOROUGH! ya trick ya! enjoy the rest of your week biatches.