Wednesday, January 20, 2010



i brought a map, but got lost between god and a shot of scotch.
when two of your famiy members are in the hospital, you hope for the best. even if you had a fall out. even if you cussed one off for inappropriate words and attitudes. hospital visits and stays have never been my forte, but i stand by my word to be a good person.. and if i ever seem improper, feel free to read my book. i'm sure your mind will change instantly.
a book?! okay, so that hasn't happened yet. timing is everything, and 2009 didn't give me none. so i plan on stabbing 2010 with a knife of learning, and getting money. & "if that doesn't work" will not come into play. i'm leaving no other option. better yourself. that's it. time to get better.. and time in this case, is endless.

hello. my name is botcho.. and if this is your first time to read my blog, you're in for a real treat.

this is not a picture post, scrolling down will feed your eyes nothing.. but it will feed your mind with words from a girl with a lot to say and an opinion about everything.

the word "blog" derives from the words, "web log". a website, with entries of events, pictures and text. they can be personal or not. & the point is to feed readers an option to read, and even interact by leaving comments. a blog allows the blogger to share, and voice.
this, is my voice.

if i ever end up with nothing, i have been heard. & a piece of me through written form will be around forever.

and, as a promise to readers, and more importantly, as a promise to myself, i would like to continue and achieve as much as i can.. no matter how long that takes.
january and february, i hereby dub you, hip hop, friends, books, beer, and sneakers. i'll be fucking the things i love most, so in turn, i can love.
laughter and smiles feel fucking good, and the five things mentioned are just about as good as bustin a nut.

i fucking hate hypebeasts. no i don't read sneakerfreaker or hypebeast or niketalk religiously.. and i won't post things from those blogs to try and impress my readers. this is my blog, and i write what happens to me, and what i enjoy.. not about what i think will attract attention or new readers. i usually don't shit on people who love shit.. but when you're trying to prove how fucking cool you are, it's a little different than "loving shit". don't try to impress me kid, impress yourself.
& hey, if i have two readers now, or have 5000. fuck it.
relating to a person is hard in a world of wannabes and phonies.
.. then there's you. just one solid person who gives this shit a glance, and says "word". waddup dude, i love you.. all i ever ask is for at least one person, to hear me.

did i write loud enough?


Anonymous said...

Holy shit Botcho, you are one of the greatest things on the internet.
I'll read this blog forever.
Shit almost sounded like a rap song lol.


Anonymous said...

I admire ur strength...there aren't slot of ppl who would be able to go through what u do and keep goin. You really are one bad ass tough cookie and I couldn't admire anyone more and I'm older than you !!!!

syntifik said...

numero uno: reals? i don't know about that, that kid coming from the dentist probably holds the crown.

#2: i am indeed, a bad ass tough cookie that is younger than you.

Maribeth said...

I read your blog pretty religiously.
When I have nothing to do at home or work whilst surfing the net... your the first blog I go to lol.
Keep writing botch, one day you'll be published and millions of people will hear you.

is it to late to ask for a cd? ahahah
can you make me one of just indie music. starting with "Nothing to worry about". thanks. lav ya.

lez go for deep fried ice cream.

Anonymous said...

25 0 0 0 !!!


syntifik said...

maribeth: thank you:)
i got chu m, i got chu.
yes i'll make you a cd.. you can expect it when i have an ounce of time..!!
deep fried ice cream whenever bonibelle has work or school? or if she's busy.. say word, next time she says she's going out, we'll go get ice cream.

anonymous: taankqqq

Anonymous said...

Fuckin deep fried ice cream. I have that option riiiight now because I'm sitting five floors higher than the fuckin Line Up. So much for not swearing.


- Bonibelle

syntifik said...

thanks boner, i love you too!

cuz you're weird.

Anonymous said...

You should do a series with Winnipeg's best restaurants/bakeries! MmmmmmMmm Lol just an idea

- banet

syntifik said...

intehwestin suggestion janet.. but half of those would be my top places in winnipeg, which i already did ahahha