Wednesday, November 19, 2008


1/8 begins next wednesday. fuck. here i go i guess..
so i'm blasted.. yup.. why the hell is serena with aaron!? can she not see how ugly dude is!? he's hardly even charming cause he's like.. all weird. sucha sketch bag. AND, boys should not ask if you're cold & then give you their jacket.. they should just put it on the girl, without question!! like obviously if you think it's cold, it's fucking cold id-yot!! dan humphrey forever! oh serena. you so crazy. & when jen laughed, it was the first time i didn't hate her. i was like oh wow.. shes kinda cute, now i want her to get w/nate. EVEN THOUGH SHE'S A TRIFILIN BITCH SOMETIMES. geeze woman, stop being such a wannabe slut & get yourself together..!!!! if nate shaved his head i bet he'd be so sexy..! whoa k, gg overload.. i want a night with the following, pizza, beer, & kenny vs. spenny.. down?! i've been trying to hold myself back from buying season 4.. oh lawd. so tempting. holy is it sunny today!? like finally no clouds!? zippidy doo dah bitches. i want cupcakery cupcakes so bad right now, it's hurting my nuts.